September 25, 2021

ACD 44


design justice: weaving through disciplines, practices, and identities

Intersectional identity recognition empowers design justice solidarity. From graphic design to affordable housing advocacy, dismantling systems that prioritize singularity is urgent in our pursuit of more liberatory realities.

This session will develop a call and response with attendees/collaborators that will explore how we are listening to each other, acknowledging our identities and healing together in our pursuits of justice. The session will weave in brief presentations from two Design as Protest organizers - Dave Pabellon and Siboney Diaz-Sanchez.



August 2021

Redefining Participation (Part 2): Estefania Barajas in Conversation with Siboney Díaz Sánchez


Estefania Barajas (EB): The conversation we are having is about leaving space. What can we do better? And who do we need to collaborate with? After the murder of George Floyd, we as students felt an increased urgency: meetings, groups, conversations, studio—we also began to see a lot of things that felt like performative activism. How do we address this? We think we’re doing something positive when we participate.



August 2021

Redefining Participation (Part 1): Estefania Barajas in Conversation with Siboney Díaz Sánchez


PLAT 9.5: Leave Space questions the idea of the architect as one who always knows what’s best.  It seeks the creative potential in the inevitable distance between architect and architecture. A building results from a complex interaction between forces at different scales, from socio-political conditions to community development initiatives, from the involvement of non-humans to the relationships between architects, engineers, and laborers. 



November 24, 2020



For generations, housing policies have directly created racial inequality in communities across this country. These inequities affect not only access to homeownership and economic advancement, but also seep into educational opportunities, environmental justice, proximity to work, family displacement, and so much more.


Who holds the power for change? And, what is the role of the architect to help repair these harms?


bsa - housing and the role of the designer 2.jpg

July 14, 2020

Catherine Meng, AIA

Everyone has a design voice - but some are still outnumbered by others. The Design Voice Podcast seeks to elevate and amplify the voices of womxn in the architecture, engineering, and construction professions. Each episode features honest conversations with those who shape the built environment. By telling their stories, this podcast hopes to serve as a source of education, inspiration and empowerment.



May 01, 2020

The AIA Diversity Recognition Program seeks to recognize architects, components, and others for exemplary commitment and contributions to diversifying the profession of architecture.


A diverse profession mirrors the society it serves and celebrates the contributions of all architects, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, physical ability, religious belief, geographic location, or practice.


Diversity encourages alternatives to traditional practice models and provides opportunities for a greater variety of individuals to become architects.

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December 06, 2019

Looking inward and outward, architects make strides toward more significant inclusion in the field

AIA National 

Kathleen M. O'Donnell

AIA brought together architects and allied professionals to discuss what is changing and what yet needs to change to support a more equitable, diverse, inclusive workforce in a year-long event series.



September 13, 2019


Why Architecture Is Political

Architect Magazine PODCAST

Siboney Diaz-Sanchez

In this episode, Díaz-Sánchez expands on her op-ed “Every Community Is Our Client,” which appeared in ARCHITECT's June issue, by offering ideas for improving public outreach efforts and challenging clients to go beyond their perceived obligations. She also elaborates on why architecture and politics are intertwined. 


3_FAMILY DESIGN DAY 2019_Siboney Díaz-Sánchez.jpg

August 15, 2019


Community Design Blog: Engagement + Implementation 

Texas Architect Magazine

Siboney Diaz-Sanchez


People are processing inherited trauma and responding to generations of systemic issues that have created built environments. We, as designers, should not romanticize these histories/ herstories/ their stories. Often community discussions occur, information is recorded, but conversations do not lead to policies or implementation. Follow-up is commonly absent.  



June 04, 2019

Siboney Diaz-Sanchez: Every Community is Our Client

Architect Magazine

Siboney Diaz-Sanchez

The design profession alleges to serve the general public, but we can only succeed if we put forth the effort necessary to serve everyone.



March / April 2019



SAY IT LOUD - A-19 Exhibitor

Exhibitor // Overland Partners ChildSafe

Texas Based Designer

What excites you in the work you do?

The people. This project was about listening to how spaces can contribute to healing traumas and how design can contribute to better mental health.  I want to be learning always.


beyond the built.jpg


Who does design include, benefit, or harm?

AIA National 

Kathleen M. O'Donnell

An AIA summit on design justice moves past definitions and compels architects to take action.

At the 2018 AIA Design Justice Summit, individuals inspired action to overcome injustices in the built environment, but as with any social justice effort, the strength lies in the many and not in the few. Conversations throughout the summit contained an undercurrent regarding equity, diversity, and inclusion in architectural practice.



December 19, 2018

City will consider two Plaza Guadalupe options—one with a fence, one without

San Antonio Heron

Zendra Morales​

Tuesday night at El Progreso Hall on the near West Side, volunteers with the local chapter of Latinos in Architecture (LiA) showed 50 or so community members two design concepts for Plaza Guadalupe—one with a fence surrounding it, the other without.



December 19, 2018

Architects Envision Safe, Accessible Plaza Guadalupe

The San Antonio Report

Edmond Ortiz

A group of local architects on Tuesday unveiled two conceptual plans for Plaza Guadalupe on the city's West Side, both designed to open up the plaza to more programming, amenities, and neighborhood services while improving safety and security.

A group of local architects on Tuesday unveiled two conceptual plans for Plaza Guadalupe on the city's West Side, both designed to open up the plaza to more programming, amenities, and neighborhood services while improving safety and security.



November 07, 2017

Panel: Inclusiveness Matters in the Making of a City

The San Antonio Report

Edmond Ortiz

As San Antonio approaches its 300th anniversary in 2018 and prepares for 1 million more residents by 2040, a panel of urban experts analyzed ways in which communities can better influence how development proceeds to the benefit of all socioeconomic groups.



February 22, 2017


“Puro” Symposium Questions Authenticity, Urban Re-Development and Cultural Appropriation

The San Antonio Current

Sarah Martinez​

On Tuesday night, about 80 people gathered inside Brick at the Blue Star Arts Complex, where UTSA architecture professor Antonio Petrov led a symposium exploring the meaning of "puro." Kicking off the discussion, Petrov says he began to question the word while working on the city’s tricentennial celebration and architectural projects on Broadway.

UTSA page



November 23, 2016

Leadership San Antonio Announces 42nd Class

The San Antonio Report

Daniel Kleifgen

The leadership development program, sponsored by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, brings together the “best of the best from all sectors of the community” to engage and become positive change agents in the city’s most pressing issues, said Chamber Vice President Priscilla Camacho.



July 01, 2016

$850 Million Bond: Balancing Basics

The San Antonio Report

Daniel Kleifgen

San Antonio’s 2017 $850 million municipal bond program, the largest bond program in city history, brings with it an opportunity to invest in capital projects across the city. 

Panelist and Overland Partners Designer Siboney Díaz-Sánchez urged City leaders to invest in the communities that are “responsible for that wealth” of heritage and culture in San Antonio by considering diverse community leaders in their appointments for the Citizen Bond Committees.



February 06, 2015


Bright lights on the local architecture scene

The San Antonio Express News

Steve Bennett

Low budgets preordain a lot of buildings to banality, and much of the work that architects do is tedious — dealing with mechanical systems and city permit offices, not to mention demanding clients.  Here are seven young(ish) architects and designers in San Antonio who are changing the cityscape for the better.




September 22, 2014

Latinos in Architecture Connect in San Antonio

The San Antonio Report

Siboney Díaz-Sánchez + Adrianna Swindle

The local chapter of the American Institute of Architects‘ Center for Architecture was packed Friday evening for the first Latinos in Architecture (LiA) exhibition opening in San Antonio. In 2011, the national AIA reported that only 3% of licensed architects in the United States are Hispanic. LiA was formed in San Antonio to assist in increasing that percentage by serving as a networking resource for those already working in design-related fields, a support system for those interested in pursuing a career, and to spark interest from younger generations.