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Ultimately I want to be helpful.

I hope for honest exchanges.

I want to learn about your work and be respectful of your capacities. 

I will be here for two years.

I am spending 30% of my time at Nuestra and 70% of my time at The Neighborhood Developers.


My cell number is 210-394-5534.  


Below are excerpts from my application:

Land acquisition, asset management and affordable housing are not often discussed with transparency. I have witnessed cultural preservation and public art exist as after thoughts in development efforts. If there is an environmental sustainability strategy then affordability is at risk. If there is accessible public transportation and adjacent public space then land values are increased. OppCo’s work to develop capacity, reduce costs and celebrate placemaking is inspiring. OppCo’s commitment to construction efficiency, healthier and better neighborhoods while promoting/working for greater equality gives me hope for the development of Chelsea. 

For most of my architectural career I have designed and realized single family residences. I work to understand how families and individuals want to live in their spaces. Projects range from 1,200 to 10,000 sq. ft. and consist of new construction projects, additions and renovations. OppCo’s plan calls on the fellow to standardize specs and test concepts. Material use and construction techniques vary by region.  I have found that talking to sub contractors and consultants about techniques and supplier trends is paramount in planning for cost reductions. I have been working in the construction administration phase of projects for over 6 years. My days consist of negotiations affected by building industry shifts. The environmental properties, lead time, availability and cost of an item specified before a project groundbreaking can change by the time a submittal for that item is sent for approval. As a fellow I would be committed to finding the right balance of resident needs, site specific design and efficiency of construction. 

The love I have for my current city, San Antonio, is strong but my desire to discover how organizations in other parts of the country are diversifying real estate production and advancing placemaking is resolute. My multi-faceted experiences have brought me to a transitional point in my career.  I am reading about OppCo’s projects and dreaming of a future where I can contribute to and learn from the city of Chelsea. Thank you for your commitment to residents, their futures, and for considering my application to support your objectives.


Below are excerpts from my application:

I became interested in architecture when the San Antonio Housing Authority developed new units near my middle school.  Several of my classmates experienced what I now understand as pride for their new homes. There was value in the way their new spaces made them feel. I graduated from college in 2010 and I waited tables and worked in retail in Chicago. 


My first architectural job was designing and overseeing the construction of single family residences in a historic and affluent neighborhood in San Antonio. I financially and professionally was not in a position to be selective about the projects I was assigned. I gained experience in producing quality work, helped manage budgets and met highly specific design requests. The projects won design awards but I struggled to reconcile the use of resources to impact a single family with financial means and generational wealth. I decided to diversify the use of my skills after work and on weekends.  This manifested in public space workshop facilitation, non-profit volunteering, commission commitments and board of directors appointments. Some of these roles have led to projects, initiatives, and partnerships. I find the time for these efforts because the impacts are greater and the needs are more urgent. I want to contribute to spaces that instill pride and dignity.

I believe in what the Rose Fellowship prioritizes and formalizes.  I am eager to learn.

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