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common questions

Who reported you?

  • I don't know who cited the violation.

  • I filed an open records request but I have to wait until the investigation is closed to reopen it.

Why do you mention the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) in the timeline?

  • I cannot prove the nomination to the BSA board of directors directly resulted in the complaint being filed but the timeline tells a story; my profile was the only one on the ballot without a photo, bio or link.

  • I was placed on the BSA board of directors ballot without my consent because the BSA forgot one of my last names in my email.

  • The BSA had emailed me about being a panelist and juror before the board election. BSA leadership was apologetic about the oversight.

  • The role on the board I was nominated for was director of equity. I was the only nominee for that position. I was unknowingly running unopposed.

  • I later consented to the nomination while being investigated and was voted in.

What entity regulates / oversees these investigations?

What is the current status?

  • I signed a consent agreement when I paid the fine.

I have no money to give you because we are in a recession + the world is on fire. How else can I support?

  • Keep yourself hydrated.  In the midst of it all - this is upsetting but I feel abundance.

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