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Nashville Design Week

I was the guest speaker at this event. 


The Design for Equity Dinner is hosted by Kelsey Oesmann and features guest speaker Siboney Diaz-Sanchez, AIA. Siboney Díaz-Sánchez is an architect and Enterprise Rose Fellow at OppCo in Boston, MA working on affordable housing development and placekeeping. She insists that creative fields are viable vehicles for social change and is committed to prioritizing community voices in design processes.


The Design for Equity Dinner & Discussion is an intentional, multi-course meal designed to address racial equity in the design field, and each of our own individual experiences with issues of race, diversity, and inclusion in our work. Over the course of the meal through participation, discussion and sharing, we will get to know each other, discuss our own personal experiences with issues of diversity in our design careers, and commit to ways we can return as more active agents of greater racial equity within the design community and in the work we create.

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Nashville Design Week

Nashville Design Week leverages the power of collaboration to bring together design professionals and the public, acting as the amplifier for exhibitions, talks, tours, workshops, and installations that showcase Nashville’s design talent and educate the public on the role of all design professions in bettering lives.

Nashville Design Week is a platform for bold collaborations and conversations that promote idea sharing, engage and educate the public, and strengthen our city’s design culture and impact.  We believe we can create a higher quality of life through design.

Through panel discussions, tours, workshops, and installations, NDW provides access to designers who are shaping Nashville’s future — from architecture and interiors to graphic, industrial, and fashion design. By shining a spotlight on their work, NDW demonstrates Nashville’s emergence as a city known for and shaped by thoughtful and innovative design.

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